My Dear Investors it's raining time for stock market good news. The latest news after GST is the appointment of Urjit Patel as RBI Governor.  It is similar to Virat Kohli replacing the Dhoni as the Indian Test captain.And mind you the results will be the same as in West Indies.

Now you expect Government and RBI work hand in hand to announce a series of market friendly measures to fix the burning issues like NPA.

Our research team skipped the usual merry go round weekend and spend some quality time inside our technically latest upgraded research studio to find out some of the important facts.

Every analyst is skeptical about the current Bull run 
         above 8700 .
They forget the important lesson of the past that 
         market is smarter than it participants.
Retail investor’s are not participating again in this rally 
Smart warehousing being done by some smart operators 
       so as to make a killing in 2016.
The ensuing festive season followed by a bumper monsoon
        will bump up the domestic economy.
Last but not the least my dear investors take all the analysts on channels with a pinch of salt or else you will miss the bus again. To play safe concentrate on the small butterflies stocks and learn to make entry and exit swiftly.