2017 was a profitable year for market lovers. Now the million dollar question is what lies in 2018 ?

Our research team has made some interesting prediction for the new year.Smart money is on the buying spree. Blast in the midcap space is testimony to the fact. This vindicates our stand that 2018 and many years to come will be most profitable for equity market worldwide in general and India in particular.

The Most beautiful place to make a fortune on earth is the stock market. Easiest and fastest way to build empire is the stock market. From 8400 till now small investors stayed away from market while the market moved to 10500. The data shows HNI, PRIVATE EQUITY & HNI’S have created huge portfolio in Indian stock markets.

Now let’s discuss the ground realities ahead. Reconstruction of INDIA the MODI way will provide strong fillip to the economy.  Economic data is improving worldwide while geopolitical events have seen the worst. 

Smart Money is back as they realize that the recent Anti corruption drive will boost the INDIAN economy in a major way. In fact it will clean the system for a better investing environment. As the estimate INDIA will have a bumper agricultural production ahead that will cool down the inflation which is the major hurdle for a booming equity market. As per our research team in this Bull Run market will test newer high sooner that most Market-man expects.

Money can be earned in many ways. In stock market money can be multiplied in very short span of time. The fastest way to multiply money is to follow the smart money. The people who manage these money are centuries ahead in thinking than the so called analyst giving 40-50 calls a day for target of 5 with stop loss of 7.

Another indicator of sunny days ahead is the heightened activity in the merger and buyout front. These are the smartest money minting people on earth who does not earn money but create money making ideas.

The century old outdated style of picking stock is worthless in this era of globalization. It gives many times more tension than profit. So to multiply money change the way you trade. 2018 will provide huge profitable opportunity in select space.

Do you want to miss the rally again?
So forget past ,recount resources and revitalize your energies for a profitable ride in 2018.