My dear investors,

2018 will go down the history as an eventful and challenging year for the stock market.The market saw both the best and the worse. Now the million dollar question is .....
what is stored for the market in 2019 ?

Our research team has spend nearly 36 hours during this weekend to frame out the research report for 2019,which seems very interesting and worth reading. Some part of that 28 page report is summed up below.

The  year 2019 will provide bumper profit opportunity for Indian stock market investors. Some of the positives are:

1. Crude is at 17 months low and will be in bear trend.
2. Rupee will be strong most of the year.
3. PSU bank recapitalization of around 2 lakh crore will
    provide liquidity, growth.
4. NPA recovery rate will catch up. So far 60000 crore
    recovered in the 1st half of 2018.
5. Govt push for vision 2022 after the state election debacle,
    Petroleum sector reforms,Tax GDP ratio of 22%, enhanced
    work on infra sector like road,waterways and GDP growth
    of above 8% will be positives.

Some of the negatives are :

1. 2019 election where poor performance of BJP is already
    factored in. But My experience says  Modi will be back to
    power again....note my words.
2. Bad economic decisions mostly related to finance ministry
    like GST implementation,Tax terrorism ,RBI fiasco,
    PSU milking, LGT etc.

Last but not the least, My stock market experience hard earned over last 25 years says  Indian stock market always perform best when there is uncertainty and disbelief among market participants.In nutshell we will see a new high in 2019.
And bitten down mid cap space will be the out performer. So reassess your capital,trading strategy and fasten your seat belt for a profitable ride.